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Compile error (3)
Silver: Compiler unable to infer the common protocol type in trinary statement (3)
Can't add reference in Island Project (7)
Wrong overload method to invoke when use args of mapped type to Class on iOS (3)
Silver: Argument type overloaded functions are not visible from another module (4)
Silver (and probably other languages) generates broken PDBs and binaries (12)
Silver for Java: Generic array type inference issue (4)
java.lang.IllegalAccessError after migration from build 2011 to 2033 (10)
Memory leak caused by assigning null on iOS (4)
Silver: Trinary operator: Type mismatch in types (3)
Silver: Generics cannot be used together with operator (4)
Problem in for each and matching (3)
Cross-platform compatibility mode, WPF, Android and "assembly visible member from another namespace" (5)
Non-Generic Delegates Treated as Generic Types: Can't pass callback function pointers to native code (5)
Problem with Interfaces (2)
Error E62: Type mismatch, cannot assign "array of nullable Single" to "array of Single" (16)
Compile error (4)
Uncaught translation error - var parameters (Android) (10)
Compile Error (3)
InvalidProgramException when using : (colon) within Task method with await’s (9)
Silver's non-generic generic type subclass produce weird error in while building (10)
Error in new 9.1 Elements project settings page (4)
MethodInfo.Invoke() doesnt work properly ( 2 ) (26)
Strange Assignment Bug (3)
Silver: EUnit issues (9)
Island issue ( 2 ) (26)
Having two R classes and R.R. in class view (6)
Object is deallocated unexpectedly (EXC_BAD_ACCESS) on iOS (8)
'Find All References' crash Visual Studio 2015 (Shared Project) (4)
Overload operator! in mapped class to Boolean cause [INSTALL_FAILED_DEXOPT] on Android (3)