Access violations in TROSuperTCPchannel.SetActive

Hello Remobjects team,

I’m experiencing access violations in tROSynapseSuperTCPChannel and TROSuperTCPChannel.

My application does several million data transfers a day, through the internet, VPN’s, satellite connections, and crappy 4G connections which often break down so my application is truly a massive stress test for the Remoting SDK. There are roughly 100 communication threads running concurrently.

My problem: about once a day an access violation happens somewhere which causes every single communication channel in the program to stop responding. With runtime logging I discovered that if this happens, it is always during deactivation or destruction of a channel. My application does this whenever a host becomes unreachable.

Being unsuccessful in finding the cause, I decided to acquire a debugging tool called Eurekalog last week.

After a few hours of running in my application Eurekalog suddenly fired a breakpoint in the method TROBaseSuperChannel.SetActive because it detected an access violation. The parameter passed to the method was “false” and the breakpoint was triggered in line 1267 (“EventThreadPool”).

I am currently on ROSDK but this stability problem has plagued me for many months now. I am currently in the process of finding out what was the last Remobjects version that would run stable because I’m desperate to get back to a stable situation, even if it requires me to revert to an older Delphi version.


try to update TROBaseSuperChannel.SetActive (uROBaseSuperChannel.pas) as

procedure TROBaseSuperChannel.SetActive(const Value: Boolean);
    if (fWorkerThread <> nil) then SetInactive;
    fActive := Value;
    if fActive then begin
      EventThreadPool; // <<< moved

have you tried to use TROIndySuperTCPChannel ?
it may work more stable in your situation because TROSynapseSuperTCPChannel and TROSuperTCPChannel use the raw sockets

Hi EvgenyK, thanks for the patch, I’ll test it on one of our backup systems and report back!