Active local channel for immediate events

(obones) #1


To communicate between the C# and Delphi components of our ecosystem, we use the Named pipe channel because it does not require to bind to a TCP port which may already be in use.
However, this has a drawback when using events because NamedPipeChannel is not an active channel and thus polls the server for events. We can adjust the polling interval just fine, but it would be better if we could simply use active events like in the SuperTCP channels.
Is there such a channel for local IPC communication, not based on TCP?
If not, are there any plans to modify NamedPipeChannel to become active in the future?

(antonk) #3


The only local IPC communication channel is the NamedPipes one.

Atm there are no plans to add SuperChannel fatures to the NamePipes channel as well. It is a rather complex thing to do for a very specific and not muc used feature (especially considering that it will have to be implemented on 2 different platforms).


(marc hoffman) #4

what’s the real problem with just going ahead and using the super tcp channel for local communication? it should,d work fine and fast for that, as well, probably just as efficient as named pipes…

(obones) #5

The issue with super tcp is that I must find a free port to listen on and that may prove to be tricky. I have even seen very picky antivirus/firewalls that prevent opening any port for listening. This is why using the named pipe channel is much easier to deploy.
But I understand that making it an active channel would be quite a lot of work for little use, so I’ll leave with my 500ms poll interval.