Add a library reference when copying a file between projects?

(mtiede) #21

Ok, not sure how to make the project do it again. I suspect your latest version fixed whatever that problem was too. If I see it happen again, I’ll try to save the project file for comparison.

(marc hoffman) #22

Very much possible, yes, since VS uses the EBuild for the lookup too. What I can imagine happening is that a rebuild of the library was necessary for the extra info that my fix provided to be there. So when you opened VS, it probably resolved it based on the OLD info, and then kept status, even after you built the project successfully. Had you just closed and restarted VS after that (w/o retreating the reference) it probably would have been fine, too.

in any case, what matters is that it works now :wink: :tropical_drink:

(mtiede) #23

Thanks for the explanation.