Android app from Fire doesn't work with AppCompatActivity

Are you saying that this simple app is working for you without any problems with appcomoatactivity?

It work for me same as with Activity. I’m not sure what I do to break it as your case, but now I try find problem with it.

Are you doing tests in Fire ? Which version?
Android studio version?
Build tools version?
Jdk version?
Java version?
Maybe somewhere here is a difference?

I’m using water. All programs last version, as I know.

AAPT2? It was not working under Visual Studio

We talked about it with Marc here :slight_smile:

And he suggests to go to Fire on Mac because aapt2 did, t work.
Can we run and test it for start in one environment?because we fight on many fronts…

I backed to VS - it doesn;t work - this simple APK - it was our starting point to investigate…we go to Fire … we are fighting with it above 2 weeks…
Can you give me your working testcase which can i run in VS ?

Let’s focus on the issue at hand?

I’ve also tried in Water - with no success

OK but I still searching difference … If someone run it why not try…

Yes, that is the issue from the other thread, there’s no reason to believe this would have gone away. There’s two issues here, (a) aapt2 doesn’t handle spaces in filenames (that, I can hack around) and (b) when avoiding the spaces, it fails with “The device does not recognize the command.”, which we dint know why. Both clearly seem to be aap2 bugs.

I tried VS and Water because Evgeny wrote he used Water to run it.

Any news ?

I in middle of process fixing problem. Process goes, but slowly.

I keep my fingers crossed for you…

Can you give me some deadline-i have to say something my client…?

Sprry thatb this is taking long, but some things just aren’t a quick fix. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Meanwhile i suggest the workaround from the other thread.

I have to wait :sleepy: , because i don’t have time to experiment with workaround, I have to make changes in my other apps.

I’m told Eugene has a fix. which won’t be in .2813 for tomorrow, but I can probably/hopefully get you a new post-2813 build tomorrow or on the weekend that has it (no promises, as I’ll be traveling tomorrow, with limited online access).

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Nice, I’M waiting to test it…
The problem was directed to only compat library or for any third dependencies?
I ask becasue i have many dependencies in android. Apk and i want to know.
If you give me version I will give you feedback in short time.

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