Android project, folder name


(marc hoffman) #21


no idea then, with the infos I have here.

The reference issue reproduces with the project you sent, I’ll look at that on Monday. If you can send me a complete (compiling) test-case for the project that does build but fails as described here, I can see if that happens on my end as well; and if I can diagnose further.

(Benoît Bousquet) #22

I stripped the project back to just using an Activity (instead of AppCompatActivity) and now it’s complaining about being not found. There really seems to be something iffy going on with the support library (or libraries).

EDIT: I removed all references to support libraries and switched the CoordinatorLayout to a LinearLayout. Now it builds and runs fine.

EDIT 2: Found an old thread discussing a similar issue:

(marc hoffman) #23

Sorry for the delayed reply. so what’s the next action here? is all good? anything else needed from our side?

(Benoît Bousquet) #24

No worries about the delay. There seems to be something off when using the appcompat-v7 support library. What I did was more of a temporary patch so I could test other things.