Android project, Gradle options


(Benoît Bousquet) #1

My original Android project had a line in its app level Gradle file to enable vector drawables:

android {
    defaultConfig {
        vectorDrawables.useSupportLibrary = true
    // ...

How do I do this from Fire (I understand this is tied to the appcompat-v7 support library).

(marc hoffman) #2

Elements no longer uses Gradle, and it resolved GradeReferences on its own. No other Gradle functionality is supported at this stage. Dom your know what this is supposed to do, build chain wise?

(Benoît Bousquet) #3

This seems to be needed in other for appcompat-v7 to support vector drawables on older API levels.

(marc hoffman) #4

ok, but what does it actually do?

(Benoît Bousquet) #5

I assume it flips some switches in the appcompat library. The official Android documentation page explains it at:

More specifically, the section titled “Vector drawables backward compatibility solution” details the Gradle related changes.

(marc hoffman) #6

i’ll have a look in monday what’s going on there and how those “switches are flipped”

(RemObjects) #8

Thanks, logged as bugs://81460

(marc hoffman) #10


I’m adding a new AAPTOptions project setting to EBuild, where you can specify command line options to pass to AAPT. According to, this is what this option does, you’ll need to pass --no-version-vectors as setting there, that’s the equivalent to the Gradle option you quoted.

I can send you a new build later today that has this option. (not sure yet if I’ll expose it in the IDE, for now you’ll need to add it manually to the project file.

(Benoît Bousquet) #11

Thanks Marc. No need for a special build today (it can wait until Friday as I’m focusing on other elements - no pun intended - for the next few days).


(marc hoffman) #12


(RemObjects) #13

bugs://81460 got closed with status fixed.