Any "Find All" feature as in VS?

(Richard E Walker) #1

VS supports Find All within the current file, or entire solution, and the results are in a separate window, with clickable navigation to the occurrence within any file.

How can I do the equivalent of this in Water?

(marc hoffman) #2

Fire/Water’s Search/Replace semantics work sightly different. Water will always fo “find all”; all occurrences od the search term will be highlighted, and you can jump between them with Ctrl+G/Ctrl+Shift+G; Water also always searches in all files, and you can being the list of matching files up in the left-side pane by clicking the search icon, or pressing Ctrl+3. Water does not have a separate window to lists each results.

(Richard E Walker) #3

That’s really too bad. The separate, clickable, results list is one of the best VS features. It is also a feature of Intellij IDEA. Highly recommend this feature as it’s lack may keep me on vs for now…

(marc hoffman) #4

I’ll think about what we can do there within the overall design of Fire/Water.

(Richard E Walker) #5

I appreciate you considering it. The interactions with remobjects principals is one of the best reasons to use your products…:slight_smile:

As you consider it, Intellij always closes the results window when user clicks a particular result, VS does not. Prefer the VS approach.

(Richard E Walker) #6

Another quick note: If user has text selected, then hits F, VS and IDEA both use selected text as search string. This is very intuitive and useful…

(marc hoffman) #7

Indeed, that sounds insane (closing the pane each time).

Water has you covered there.

Ctrl+E sets the current selection (or the current token, if there’s no selection) as search term. Ctrl+Shift+E sets it as replace term. You can then find next with Ctrl+G.

You can also use Ctrl-Alft-Left/Right to combine the two steps into one (ie directly jump t the next/previous occurrence of the current selection or token).

Ctrl+F will open the Search pane w/o changing the current terms (and frankly it drives me nuts in VS that I cant bring up the search panel w/o always losing my previous/current search term, so that’s very much “as designed” ;).

(Richard E Walker) #8

I misspoke somewhat, a single click shows the result in context within the results window, while a double quote navigates the editor to the result and closes the result window.