ApiMethod DateTime parameter value issue

I have a .NET Core 3.1 application that defines a method similar to the following:

    [Documentation("Gets a copy of the local log records that fall within the specified period in one of the supported formats (JSON, XML, TEXT).")]
    [ApiMethod(HttpApiMethod = ApiRequestMethod.Post, HttpApiPath = "Logger/GetLog")]
    public Binary GetLogRecords(
        [Documentation("Starting date")] DateTime start, 
        [Documentation("Ending date")] DateTime end, 
        [Documentation("Required output format: JSON, XML, TEXT")] LogFormat format) 

The ServiceMethod call work fine, but the ApiMethod seems to have a DateTime parsing issue. If the following JSON payload is sent to the method:


The value of start becomes “15:44:38.1490000” – looks like it rounded up to the nearest ms? This is actually causing one of our test scenarios to fail because the string “2021-08-06T15:44:38.1489” was specifically chosen to match the first entry in a log file.


Unfortunately yes, the milliseconds value is silently rounded to the nearest integer by .NET itself.
We are already working on workaround for this.

Could you please drop a mail to support@ so we’ll provide you a fixed build immediately it is available?

Sorry for the inconvenience

Hi Anton,

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll send the email now.