Application loader not launching

Fire’s ‘Launch application loader’ menu item has stopped working. I did notice it in the last build and have just checked the latest, and it’s the same. The other launch menu items are OK.

Not sure if it matters, but my application loader is version 3.1, and Xcode is 11.2.1.

Yeah, Apple removed Application Loader from Xcode 11. I’ll remove the menu item in vNext, thanx for reminding me!

Did they? I find it nice and easy to get stuff uploaded. I guess that’s why it hasn’t updated since 2015! Guess I better go and read up on what I should be using now. Transporter presumably, having just done a quick look. Maybe you could add this to fire :wink: xcrun altool --upload-app --type ios --file --username --password

Transporter,app (form the App Store) is what replaced it; I changed Fire to launch that. altool is another option.

thought about this, but it seemed like too much hassle/setup top integrate this, but I’ll think abut it some more. it would come with some need of account management UI/UX :(.

True, if their tools are there, it’s simple enough to use them. One thing that would be really nice, would be if you could somehow get Fire’s signing stuff to be picked up from Xcode, when you open your UI project file in Xcode. Because I constantly swap between different iMacs and my macBook , for more than one company (i.e. apple ID), most of which have my name on them, in Fire it can be a PITA trying to remember the right combination for the the right mac when I decide to try something on a device rather than simulator. In Xcode it’s very easy as the automatically manage signing thing just works as it does all the hard work behind the scenes. Not sure if that’s something you’ve considered, and I guess it’s not something that probably would affect many people.

I’m not sure I wanna get into the business of talking to (probably undocumented/fragile) Apple web APIs to create and obtain profiles from Fire itself.

What’s the main pain point, and what would you like Fire to automate? It should already pick up the default certificate (if there is one installed), "iOS Developer: " or "Apple Developer: ", and the default team profile (“iOS Team Provisioning:” or “iOSTeam Provisioning:”). What extra smarts would you like?

One thing I can think of is letting you pick the Team as setting, and automatically picking (if you have more than one of the above certs/profiles) the ones matching that team and/or filtering the cert and profile dropdown to those matching the selected team. Would that help?

I wasn’t thinking that, I was thinking perhaps I could edit the UI project file in Xcode and let it do the signing (though there may be more you’d need to provide the skeleton project file I guess) and then you pick up the settings from wherever Apple put them. No idea if that would work, but it can save going to their portal and doing the relevant signing stuff as Xcode can just do it. It’s also nice I can click on the ‘i’ next to the provisioning profile in Xcode and it shows me all the info I need from it.

I guess the main pain is that as it’s not something I do that often (have to switch), I forget the exact process and I end up with going to the developer site and logging in with the relevant apple ID just to find out whether I am F7M8K62S57 today, or another one, then work out whether any of them have expired since I last needed it.
It does pick up the defaults yes, and it’s nice that it has the identifier in brackets for both and the team name for the profile - but I can still have a choice of up to 10 on each one to pick from.

Yes, I think that would help. As I say it’s probably not something that a lot of people would ask for so it may not be worth your time. What I’ve done before is create a dummy Xcode project with the same name and bundle identifier as Fire, then let Xcode do its stuff, then go back to fire and make sure the settings match.
Incidentally, my last remaining Xcode project is about to be replaced with a shiny new Fire-built version so Xcode will simply be the GUI builder. I’m so pleased as Xcode it so blooming slow.

that could work. What’s missing in the Xcode sync project we generate that prevents you from doing it in there (apart form the sync back, of course)? Just the correct BundleIdentifier?

That I could definitely add. I’ll check what Xcode does there. Whats the info you find most useful/necessary to look at?

This part should be fairly easy; I just added exposing the team(s) in 5 minutes, and the rest shoukld be simple too. Main question is, what do I need to get a second team so I can test this — do I need a separate account or can I just create a second team in App Store Connect? I’ll check. Maybe you can PM me some of your profiles to dump into my folder, just for testing purposes?


Tell me about it. I hear people talk about how you need an iMac Pro for software development and I laugh, but with Xcode, you do. So glad Fire runs well on my (now EOLed) 12" MacBook Adorable ;).

Not sure actually as I never actually tried it as assumed it would work given it isn’t populated initially from your side. I’ll create an empty project and try it.

Well, now it’s the fact it confirms the team, the certificates included along with the devices but it’s all useful info.

Sure, I could do that, or I could add you to some of my teams, if that’s easier?

Fire works well on my 2010 macBook Air too, though I’m itching to replace that. The time Xcode takes to download and update is awful too, this helps…

I think just the files will do, I can dump em in, test, and the delete them again.

OK, I’ll PM all that I have on my office iMac, then if you need any others I can get some more tomorrow from the other iMac and/or the MacBook which should be enough.

Not sure how you determine which to use as the default, as I get the unexpected value options when I create a new project.

Looking at keychain access, it looks like I have quite a few expired ones which I guess I can delete. I’ll send those separately in case they may affect it.

For profile or certificate? what names do you have in the list?

Expired certs should be filtered out of the list in Fire already.

That looks good, and it’s the profile that says unexpected.
Yes, I see now as I’ve created the exports, that the expired ones are obviously not shown, I’ll just delete them.

Wow, I just noticed that Finder has really nice QuickLook for profiles. that’s new?

ok, “good”. what profile names do you have" only “custom” ones you named yourself (which ofc EBuild cant pick on its own), or any generics like “iOS Team Provisioning Profile: XXXXXXX)”?

Both, although I can’t tell in keychain which are the * ones I don’t think, so I’ve sent you all the current ones in there.

Profiles, not certificates. Profiles aren’t in keychain? Profiles are in ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles/, and Fire should show all (non-expired) ones in its dropdown.

Actually, I found a couple issues here that i’m fixing.

I see the team option and had a quick play. Did you know it only works on the ‘project’ column, not the debug/release? That may be by design, but the other team options shouldn’t be editable if they don’t work, though it may be I would do debug builds on one machine with one team, and release with another, but I can use it as it is.

The name of the team would be nice as well as the identifier :wink:

Tricky, given how the infrastructure for the pickers works…

Yeah, it’s supposed to work for any level. I’ll check.