Are there any issues transferring single files using RO greater that the default setting?


(toddmgochroniclecom) #1


I believe out of the box RO messages supports 5MB messages. I have already bumped the message size to 8MB to account for some file transfers that were larger than 5MB. I now have a request to bump it to 15MB. Do you see any immediate issues with this? I recognize multi-part file transfers are recommended. But what I am trying to determine is are there any already know limitations that you are aware of that increasing the size of monolithic message could result in?

RODA Server is .NET, Clients UWP, Java, iOS(Coca), ASP.NET, .NET



(antonk) #2


The main purpose of this limitation is to prevent client-side from sending a very large amounts of data that could potentially overload the server side. Of course I still wouldn’t recommend sending 100 MB of data in one message. but the should’t be any issues with messages having size of 15-25 MB.