Arrays in toffee debugger

Hi, (1.7 MB)
I have 2 console apps in the sample

If you put a breakpoint on line 96 of Moshine.Ap.Weather/Proxies/WorldWeatherOnlineProxy.pas.

Its the line the says exit weather

If you run CocoaConsoleApplication

If you navigate to[0].hourly[0]
its shown as type NSArrayM but doesnt expand.

If you run NetConsoleApplication, it shows properly with one item.


Thanks, logged as bugs://83826

bugs://83826 got closed with status fixed.

Thanks. This is fixed. Its so much better

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Funny thing is I had been asking for this for ages, and was always told “naa, it’s too difficult; wait til we switch to the Island debugger”. Guess it wasn’t :wink:

I think I spend a lot of time debugging so I good debugger is really important to me

The other issue I have is shown below. The debugger seems to know what in the dictionary but displays everything on one line so I cant see it.
Could this be looked into ? I have a bug entered somewhere

Thanks, logged as bugs://83880

bugs://83880 got closed with status fixed.