ASP.NET Webforms/Oxygene/VS2019 no debugging

I have an Oxygene project in ASP.NET with .NET 4.8

I don’t seem to be able to find a way of getting break points to work? The mouse hint on the breakpoints says ‘Breakpoint ignored because generated code not found (source map problem?)’

I have tried to change debugging project options (see attached) but can’t see to be able to get this to work:

Many thanks for any tips

Is this only for ASP.NET, or any project? is this a pre-compiled web project, or a “website” with loose asps files?

This is ok if I create a WinForms project. This is a ‘website’ project with loose ASP files. Visual Studio 2019. This is a new project where I have brought in existing code.

Thank you!

I’ve also started again in Visual Studio 2017 but with the same behaviour…

Actually ok now in VS2017 - I get the feeling that VS2019 integration is quite there yet…

Could be, yes. “loose” ASP.NET website projects have always been tricky/limited WRT debugging. I’ll have someone from the VS team have a look and get back to you.

for now, is using VS2017 a reasonable short-term workaround for you?


Yes fine for the moment, thank you. I saw quite a few errors with VS2019 when creating any sort of ASP.NET project which made me think this wasn’t finished yet (try creating a new ASP.NET project on a machine which has not had a previous version of VS installed - it seems to be looking for out of date registry entries etc.)

Many thanks