Async interfaces GUID should not change everytime the Intf file is regenerated

(obones) #1

When using the service builder, the generated Intf file contains interfaces for Async interfaces.
They all have a GUID which conveniently allows to use the Supports method to cast from one interface to another.
However, that GUID changes every time the file is regenerated.
I believe this should not happen, just like the other interfaces whose GUIDs are constant.

(EvgenyK) #2

this is as designed.
RODL has only one guid that is used for generation of interface for usual service.
for async interfaces we always generate a new guid.

edit: we will investigate this issue

(obones) #3

I understand why it works like it does right now, but from a user’s point of view, it is quite annoying to have unrelated changes come up in a generated file.
For instance, I add a new structure to my definition file, generate the interface, and when I commit to my source control software, I must pay attention to remove the GUID changes so that only the new structure goes in the SCM.
This is quite tedious and can be easily forgotten.

So I appreciate very much the fact that you are investigating this.

(estebanp) #4

I have to vote this up. It’s becoming a pain point on our CI/CD integrations having the GUIDs generated all the time.

(marc hoffman) #5

IIRC this was fixed for the July update?