Async methods

(Jeroen Vandezande) #1

I have two projects in .NET one is written code first and in the Asyc Proxy I have for each defined method a “Async” version (so on top of the Begin and End version of the method)
That is really cool…
The issue I have is that I also have a RODL file based project and there in the client code I do not have these cool async methods… I only have the Begin and End versions

Any idea how I can get them?

(antonk) #2


Actually …Async stuff is not related to the way server is defined - ie is it CodeFirst or RODL-based one.

The interface file generated client-side contains …Async methods when the code generator assumes that the target platform supports async/await.

So if your client for the RODL-based server is targeted at .NET FX 4.5+ or other platform that supports async/await then you can do one of the following:

  • Use the same ‘Connect To The Remoting SDK Server’ command as you would do for the CF server client
  • Open the RODL in the Service Builder, go to Code Gen -> Language -> Interface and take the code generaed (by default it will contain the …Async methods)


(Jeroen Vandezande) #3

Could it be that the one that does not have the Async methods is in a class lib that I then use in a couple of different GUI clients. The one that does have the async methods is directly imported into the WPF app.
Both are .net 4.6

(antonk) #4

I need to ask you to do the following:

Create an empty class lib project. Import there the service so the resulting _Intf file will be w/o the Async methods.

Send us to support@ this project and detailed step-by-step description what you did.

This way I’ll be able to reproduce this locally and to say what is needed to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance