Attach to Process

I’m just getting started with RemObjects C# in Fire.
My goal is to create a business logic library in C# and consume it from an application written in Swift and Objective-C with Xcode.
To make this work, I need a way to step into the C# code in Fire (or from Xcode). I noticed an “Attach to Process” menu in Fire’s “Debug” menu but the sole menu item “By PID or name…” is grayed out no matter what I try.

Is this feature not ready yet or are there any special requirements to enable it?

iirc it’s not ready yet.

Yeah, that’s not implemented yet. That said, you should be able to debug into your Elements code from Xcode, when you launch your shell app there…

Nice, that’s even better! Somehow I just assumed that wouldn’t be possible.
Thx for the quick reply!

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@mh, @ck:

Any update on this: is this on the roadmap?
We are kinda missing this feature a lot. In our usecase it will be great if there would be any way how we can can connect Fire to an existing android app running on a device.

Thanks guys.

It’s on the list, but for the next release. It’s quite involved due the the expectation that you’ll want to be able not just to attach to Mac processes, but to all/most supported platforms, including Java, Android, .NET/Mono, and more. Just attaching to Mac processes would be trivial(-ish) ;).

I’ll make sure this gets some priority for vNext.

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Great! looking forward. Thanks a lot!

Should this be working now ?

I tried attaching to a mono process. I see exc_bad_access in the output window.

Also its a bit hard to work out which mono I need to attach too.

It just has process id and mono

Can it display the commandline as well ? Sort of like a ps -e

it should work, but note that you can only attach the native Cocoa debugger. even if you’d attach to a mono process, you’d be debugging on native level.

unfortunately due to how the Mono runtime and debug infrastructure works, you cannot attach the Mono debugger. the app needs to be launched in a special mode for that, so that only works when launching it explicitly, not after the fact.

(Water can attach to CLR processes, be ause the CLR debugger works differently. but it too cannot attach to Mono).

i’ll look at adding the command line to the dialog.