Attach to Process


(Felix Deimel) #1

I’m just getting started with RemObjects C# in Fire.
My goal is to create a business logic library in C# and consume it from an application written in Swift and Objective-C with Xcode.
To make this work, I need a way to step into the C# code in Fire (or from Xcode). I noticed an “Attach to Process” menu in Fire’s “Debug” menu but the sole menu item “By PID or name…” is grayed out no matter what I try.

Is this feature not ready yet or are there any special requirements to enable it?

(Carlo Kok) #2

iirc it’s not ready yet.

(marc hoffman) #3

Yeah, that’s not implemented yet. That said, you should be able to debug into your Elements code from Xcode, when you launch your shell app there…

(Felix Deimel) #4

Nice, that’s even better! Somehow I just assumed that wouldn’t be possible.
Thx for the quick reply!

(Taras Vozniuk) #5

@mh, @ck:

Any update on this: is this on the roadmap?
We are kinda missing this feature a lot. In our usecase it will be great if there would be any way how we can can connect Fire to an existing android app running on a device.

Thanks guys.

(marc hoffman) #6

It’s on the list, but for the next release. It’s quite involved due the the expectation that you’ll want to be able not just to attach to Mac processes, but to all/most supported platforms, including Java, Android, .NET/Mono, and more. Just attaching to Mac processes would be trivial(-ish) ;).

I’ll make sure this gets some priority for vNext.

(Taras Vozniuk) #7

Great! looking forward. Thanks a lot!