BUG adding files .daschema in DAServer manualy

Dear Remobjects team:

IDE: VS2019

When trying to manually add the following files to a server:

  1. .daConnection
  2. .daSchema
    And then I configure them as embedded resources, on the client side, when I want to get the services, I just get DataService …


When I open the wizard to connect to the DAAbstract server, the only service that appears is: DataService.
Instead the NewService service never appears.

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Please send this project as a testcase to support@. This seems like some mis-configuaration or a missing setting, so checking this on a live project would be much easier. You can remove everything from .daSchema and .daConnection files.

Thanks in advance

Hello Antonk,

Here I attach the project called Orionsoft.7z. As for the support email, what exactly is it?
I haven’t used it in a long time, and the one I have in my logs is: “Vyacheslav Dulnev [RemObjects Software]” support@remobjects.com
It is right?

Best regards

[EDIT: Removed the attached file]

Yes, this is the correct address. I have downloaded the attached file and removed it from your post just in case.


There are several issues with the project.

  1. MyLibrary.RODL should have its Build Action set to Embedded Resource.
    This explain why you cannot see the additional service in the services list.

  2. Please note how the DataService is defined. It is not defined in any RODL as it uses a Code-First approach. A RODL definition for this service is created at runtime.
    At the same time you defined the MyService service via RODL. In general it is better to use one approach for all services in the app (either to define all services in the RODL or to let them be Code-First services).
    To convert the MyService service to be a Code-First one you need to
    A. Remove the MyLibrary.RODL, MyLibrary_Intf.cs and MyLibrary_Impl.cs files.
    B. Change service definition code from

    [RemObjects.SDK.Server.Service(Name = "MyService", InvokerClass = typeof(MyService_Invoker), ActivatorClass = typeof(MyService_Activator))]
    public class MyService : RemObjects.DataAbstract.Server.DataAbstractService, IMyService


    public class MyService : RemObjects.DataAbstract.Server.DataAbstractService

and to add this attribute (required to expose the method via RODL)

        public virtual RemObjects.SDK.Types.Binary MyMethod()

You can find more about code-first servers here: https://docs.remotingsdk.com/Servers/Concepts/CodeFirst/