Bug: CC doesn't show the members of a Module

When you define a class a Module with the Module attribute, the Members are not shown without the class name

When I have the following Module defined in Namespace N:

type M = Public static class
Property P: Integer;

When I am outside of namespace N, I should be able to type N.P or N.M.P
When I am inside namespace N, I should be able to type P or M.P

Only N.M.P and M.P work.

Won’t log these yet, as CC is expected to be far form complete yet.

This is Oxygene.


will log then. aside form CC, consuming modules works ok now?

Strange things in Oxygene.
Mercury seems to work at this moment.

Ok, lets get this fully working compiler-side first, before we worry about CC; chances are CC will pick it up automatically then. What fails, compile side?

The auto import seems to work within the same file, but not from another file in the same project.