Bug in TRORttiClientCache.GetProperties_OriginalSort


During testing the BETA (RO_VERSION = '') we found a bug in the TRORttiClientCache.GetProperties_OriginalSort method.

This bug results to errors when the service simultaneously serves both SOAP and REST clients. The reason is that these clients expect different orders of serialized properties (one is RTTI-based and another is alphabetically sorted).

We prepared a patch for the method that solves the issue (GetProperties_OriginalSort.pas). We hope that it will help you.


we have already a bug in TRORttiClientCache.GetProperties_OriginalSort method.

it was reported in No messages are deserialized in on server

Hello Evgeny,

unfortunately, I have no access to the topic you referenced (may be due to permissions).

But anyway the attached patch is intended as a helper you could review and choose a right final solution.


that topic from Beta forum.
anyway, incoming RTM was already created

Hello Evgeny

is it possible somehow to get access to the beta forum?
And if yes what exact steps should be done?

Best regards

beta section of forum is available for owners of RO/DA licenses.
your account has no licenses so you have no access to beta section.

P.S. your colleague (G.S.) has access to that section.

OK. I see.
The issue can be closed.


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