Bug / missing: obfuscation

(Theo) #21

Regression: Fx file mapping does not work anymore in 2323

Obfuscate a dll with [Assembly: Obfuscate(PublicTypes := true)]
Then compile the exe that uses it. It gives the error:
No Member “member name” on type “obfuscated type”

(RemObjects) #22

Thanks, logged as bugs://80931

(Carlo Kok) #23

This works:

what am I missing?

(Theo) #25

Hmm, strange - works now indeed.

But one thing: when obfuscated, the CC after classlibrary1. does not work.

CC without obfuscation:

And CC with obfuscation:

(RemObjects) #26

Thanks, logged as bugs://80936

(Carlo Kok) #27

Can you still reproduce this?

Both Go to definition & code completino seem fine for me now.

(Theo) #28

Yes, it is still there - but I can see the classes now (I did not), but I can not see anything within the classes.

(Carlo Kok) #29

Can you create a repro for now? I get this:

(Theo) #30


On top: obfuscated
Bottom: obfuscated with publiTypes := true

I will send you the project and instructions by mail.

(Theo) #31

And one other point (more general): I do not get any CC about the parameters of the attributes.
So if I type [Obfuscated(

I won’t get any CC stating the PublicTypes parameter

(Carlo Kok) #32

thanks. Got your post will look at it monday.

(RemObjects) #33

Thanks, logged as bugs://81390

(Carlo Kok) #34

The CC is logged separately; I noticed something interesting. It works in _Test, but not in the asp.net project. Will try & find some more info.

(Theo) #35


One other point, that we found when I sat with Marc:
When the assembly is obfuscated during debug, the debugger does only recognize the obfuscated names; the obfuscated name is showed in the locals window, and in the immedeate window, it also only understands the obfuscated name.

(Carlo Kok) #36

Yes. that’s known (and on the list); but it’s quite a bit more involved.

(marc hoffman) #37

Theo: as a side side, can you also remember to report an issue for the problem we had with not finding get_Instance in MyVB when building obfuscated that we saw Tuesday, ideally within test-case that shows it? thanx! —marc

(RemObjects) #38

bugs://81390 got closed with status fixed.