Build error when referring to property of class instance


(takepoi) #1

From the Console Application, when referring to another class of project,
Row using instance property becomes build error.

Both the case of using prefiled .fx and the case of using project reference were the same phenomenon.
However, the instance properties of classes included in island.fx and rtl.fx can be used correctly.

What is the cause?

(Carlo Kok) #2

can you give me a testcase for this? This doesn’t show here as is.

(takepoi) #3

Upload the project files. (9.5 KB)

(Carlo Kok) #4

I think I already fixed these for the upcoming beta, it doesn’t fail here. Thanks.

(marc hoffman) #5

Can you retest with friday’s beta? do you have beta access? if not, send me a PM to sales@ or mh@.

(takepoi) #6

I tried it in the beta version ( and it worked.
I am sorry that the verification was not enough.