Building watchkitapp

(JohnMoshakis) #1

I have an existing solution with a watch kit app. Im trying to build and getting

Reference ‘iRacedWatchOS’ contains no referenceable WatchKitApp binaries for target ‘Toffee-watchOS’

What does that mean ?

The extension is referenced in the watch app. As is the watch app is referenced in the ios app.


(JohnMoshakis) #2

I did a clean and full rebuild for my phone, that fixed the build issue. I don’t see the app available for install in the watch app on my phone’

(marc hoffman) #3

How old was this solution? Could be that some stuff was still cached from a build before this was implemented fully in EBuild?

Hard to say, really. Is the app packaged ok inside the app bundle? any log out output on the phone or the watch?