Calling Data Abstract Servers from JavaScript example, need working version

(BobbyH) #1

I have followed the steps in these examples exactly.

To create a basic DA server in Delphi:
(this part works fine)

To create a web page to load table:

Error: Invalid response: compression is not supported for binary messageCall stack:handleExceptionajax_post_successonreadystatechange

Clearly it was not written to work with the Delphi server example, and most of the code that is supposed to be added in gives no indication if, when, where, or how it should be added, and no ‘final’ html is shown.

If anyone could help provide a basic working example of the proper code for this index.html for the Delphi server above, it would be greatly appreciated.

(valeriy) #2

Looks like you are using an outdated version of DA/JS. Binary message
compression was implemented in Summer2012 release, so the step “turn off
BinMessage compression at server side” was removed from the article.

(tobygroves) #3

Six years later…

Is the JavaScript article linked above still available somewhere?