Can hydra wpf plugin use CefSharp in delphi vcl host?

I use cefsharp in wpf plugin then use it in vcl host. (I add cef in RemObjects Samples\Hydra for Delphi\Delphi WPF).
when cef init (code below)

private void InitClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
                CefSettings settings = new CefSettings();
                // Initialize cef with the provided settings
            catch (Exception err)

It show message

the browser have not been initialized. load can only be called after the underlying CEF brower is initialized(CeflifeSpanHandler::OnAfterCreated).

environment :
Windows 10 1803
Visual studio 2017Delphi (1.2 MB)

Delphi XE7
CEFSharp 71.0.0


By default Hydra loads each plugin into a separate AppDomain. Unfortunately it seems that CefBrowser requires to be initialized in the default .NET AppDomain.

Surely term ‘default AppDomain’ sounds very strange when applied to a Win32 Delphi app.
When .NET runtime gets loaded into a Delphi app (to later load the .NET plugins) this .NET runtime creates a default Application Domain. But by default all .NET plugins are (were) loaded into a separate specially created AppDomain. This separate AppDomain is used because plugins loaded into the default AppDomain cannot be unloaded (this is .NET restriction, not Hydra’s one).
Unability to unload .NET plugins vs using the default AppDomain is a very significant tradeoff. So it is controlled by a separate host option.

Try to load the plugin using code like

procedure TMainForm.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  ModuleManager.LoadModules(hcdDefaultDomain); // This is the option that modifies plugin loading behavior
  ModuleManager.CreateVisualPlugin('plugin name here', CefSharpPluginInstance, GuestPanel);


Thank you I already open CEFSharp.
I use hcdDefaultDomain with add ModulesToLoad.

hcdDefaultDomainprocedure TMainForm.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
HYModuleManager1.CreateVisualPlugin(‘Visualizer.Plugin’, fVisualizer, pnl_Host);
Delphi (1.2 MB)