Can I use in IOS something like Annotations (Android), Attribites (.NET)?

Not yet. Other things got in the way.

Any plans ?

It’s on the list, yes. We don;t have an ETA though, this is quite a bit of work and needs to be thought out well.

Thank you for the info.

The big issue here is:

  • Where to store the custom attributes
  • How to retrieve it efficiently

I have tried some designs but can’t really find one I’m happy with.

We will wait - maybe you will find the one acceptable :slight_smile:
I believe in you and RemObjects Team !!

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This will be supported in 8.3 (note that’s not the current betas yet)

Yes it is ;). the current betas are form the 8.3 branch, so this should be in Friday’s beta build.

Hi Carlo,
This is the best info of this year for me !!
Thank You Carlo and Remobjects Team.
You are doing the best tools I have used so far :slight_smile: - Oxy and elements are awsome.

I wish you all the best in the New Year 2016 :slight_smile:

Best regards



Can you write simple example how we can use it ?
How looks syntax in Oxy ?

  abc = class(RemObjects.Elements.System.Attribute)
    constructor (x: String);
    property Test: String;
    property T2: Integer;

  def = public class
    Name: String;
    class var x: Integer;
    [abc('test', T2 := 12345678)]
    procedure MEH([abc('ddd')]s: String); empty;

var lWork := GetAttributesForMethod(typeof(def), selector(MEH:), typeOf(abc));
var lWork := GetAttributesForType(typeof(def),typeOf(abc));

etc. lWork will be an NSArray of attributes.

All custom attribute functions can be found here:

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It is simple and easy to use :slight_smile:
Great work !!

And we’ll have a high-level cross-platformAPI for querying attributes as part of Sugar, later on. that will abstract these APIs, as well as the respective .NET and JVM APIs in a consistent and OOP manner.

What can I say ?? hmmm :slight_smile: You are the best in the WORLD :slight_smile:

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@Mateusz_Galazka could you please provide an example of how to use the Attributes?

There’s one in my post?

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When you will include the cross-platform API for querying attributes in Sugar?
Best regards,
Jose A.

It’s on the list of todos.

Ok. Thanks Marc.