Can your compilers be used to Mix DotNet and Java ready libraries and custom code?


Do you still develop Hydra?
Did Hydra support using Java libraries from a DotNet application?

Can your Dev tools help in such a scenario to allow using JVM Hibernate from VB.NET (Mercury):


It seems unfortunately nHibernate port of the original JVM Hibernate is still missing many interesting features like Hibernate OGM extensions for modern noSQL data sources.

Yes, and yes, you can use Hydra to mix .NET, Java, Delphi and Island/Windows in the same process/app.

Probably, but im unsure how copnvenient that will be (depending on your exact needs), as all communicvaiton between .NET and Java of course has to go thru Hydra interfaces; i.e you coukld not directly call into Java-based Hiubernate APis from .NET, or vice versa.