Cannot add breakpoints when including *.inc files (VS2017)

while adding breakpoints to our *.pas files, we’ve noticed that if we include *.inc file to the end of our file than we cannot add breakpoints.

Here are test files: (1.2 KB)

Test case:

  1. Extract both files to the same directory
  2. Open “Class1.pas” file in VS
  3. Try to set Breakpoint anywhere in the file (Should not be possible)
  4. Comment out the line “{$Include}”
  5. Try to set BP again (Should be working now)

We have also noticed, that if we put any code under the line with uncommented “$Include” (you can see it in the file provided, just uncomment it) then the BP are available again.

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Thanks, logged as bugs://82302

May I ask in which version of Elements with Water is the fix getting uploaded? Thanks

this should be in 2395, the current stable.

I’m sorry but I’m testing the provided TestCase and it still doesn’t work. Even with the version 2395.

Oh wait, I misread. this has not been fixed yet; the bug status notification from above was when it was logged, not when it was fixed. you’ll see a new status update there when it gets fixed.

Hello I wanted to ask what’s the status of this bug? When could we expect the fix?

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bugs://82302 got closed with status fixed.