Can't add nuget package libremoteio-standard to .Net Core app in Visual Studio

(Philip Munts) #1

When I try to add the nuget package libremoteio-standard (which I wrote) to a new .Net Core console application in Visual Studio (Community 2017), it fails with the following error message:

Could not install package ‘libremoteio-standard 1.0.6897.18860’. You are trying to install this package into a project that targets ‘.NETFramework,Version=v4.0’, but the package does not contain any assembly references or content files that are compatible with that framework. For more information, contact the package author.

I tried contacting the package author but I wasn’t able to help myself…

With Water, I can add libremoteio-standard without any problems, and I can then use the project successfully in Visual Studio afterwards to build the .Net Core application. I just can’t create the project entirely in Visual Studio.

(marc hoffman) #2

It looks like VS’s NuGet support somehow does not recognize the project type of your project to be Core. I’ll log an issue for the VS team to look into that.

In the meantime, you can work around by manually adding <NuGetReference Include=“packageName:version” /> to your project file.

(RemObjects) #3

Thanks, logged as bugs://81531, for VS to recognize the project type

(RemObjects) #4

Thanks, logged as bugs://81532, for more longer-term improvements to making NuGet support in VS work with how EBuild handles NuGet