Cant build unidac driver

Im installing a new VM form zero, using standard installs.

First install unidac, then dataabstract.

The unidac driver is missing, i open the packahe and try to build getting this error.ç

[dcc32 Fatal Error] DataAbstract_UniDACDriver_D27.dpk(35): E2202 Required package ‘dac270’ not found

Wich are the correct steps to build this package?

All the unidac packages are installed

Best regards

I’m afraid Eugene is off on vacation u til next Tuesday, so this will have to wait. dac270 sounds like not none of our packages, im assuming it’s UniDAC? Does the package exist and is is .dcp in the search path?


you can’t build Delphi 10.4 package in Delphi 10.3.

workaround - use DataAbstract_UniDACDriver_D26.dpk package

Is delphi 10.4 (?)

Can PLEASE add an option to run train build compiling unidac?


D27 is Delphi 10.4 package.
for Delphi 10.3, use packages that end with D26

I see, the paths are pointing to 10.3 librarys… weird. I will check again, thanks

Correct the library path and is working now, thanks