Can't choose "architecture" in project settings in VS

(RemObjects) #21

bugs://80984 got closed with status fixed.

(marc hoffman) #22

Can you let me know if this fixed for you in tomorrow’s build? thanx!

(tkautz) #23

No, it isn’t.

(viktoriad) #24

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce the issue here. Could I attach via team viewer on your machine and check what exactly fails for you? If so, please let me know what time and date would be good for you.
Thanks in advance.

(tkautz) #25

What about now?

(viktoriad) #26

Unfortunately, I was out. Tomorrow I will be here all day long, so any time you feel like it - please let me know.

(tkautz) #27

@viktoriad Yeah! :+1:t2:

Because i know you can not test it…


Thank you!