CC doesn't see changes in XAML right away

When working on WPF apps it’s common not to name all elements in your xaml file. What I’ve seen happening lately is that if I need to name a control in my xaml …elements isn’t aware of this change in the xaml.pas unit until you do a build. I.e. I can’t reference that name and cc doesn’t work with that name, until I do a build. Should it be this way

Hmm, good q. with how we noe handle XAML inside there compiler tis should be doable (I’m surprised art doesn’t already work). Thus is VS, I assume? Can yo do me a favor and quickly check if it does work in Water (when editing the XAML source)? Whether it does our not affects who I’ll log this for and how fast we can possibly address it. thanx!

Marc -

I just loaded the same project in water, opened up a xaml file, and simply named a DockPanel. I went into the oxygene file for that XAML and tried referencing the dockpanel by name and it didn’t pop up in the CC just as it doesn’t in VS. Oddly, though, after building the app the CC in Water still doesn’t show the dockpanel by name. This is different in VS - after building it shows up.

Hope this helps. For the record, I’ve been using version


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Thanks, logged as bugs://83889

bugs://83889 got closed with status fixed.

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