CC for parameters do no work properly when you left the line and come back to that same line

When you are implementing the method parameters, all CC works properly as long as you stay on the same line. If you leave the line, the CC does not recognize the context anymore,.

After I come back on the line, the CC is not giving the parameter info anymore.

Thanks, logged as bugs://82805

Hello Theo,
When you skip the Method description tip. it doesn’t show back until you invoke it back with Ctrl + Shift + Space. This combination should bring the method description tip back.
Best regards.

bugs://82805 got closed with status nochangereq.

I see …
Yes, it works.

But why is it not doing this itself - just as the Microsoft programming editors?

I would expect to see this information at all times, meaning that Ctrl + Shift + Space is “pressed” after the following key presses: comma, left, up, down, right, opening parenthesis and after the cursor placed at another location by the mouse.

And another one:

I have the code:

exit new System.IO.MemoryStream(100);

When I put the cursor after the first parenthese and press Ctrl + Shift + Space, I get:

But this is not the used overload.
I would have expected:

ah you mean it should pick the most logical overload when invoking cc?

Yes, exactly.

Thanks, logged as bugs://82819

bugs://82819 got closed with status fixed.

Fix confirmed.