Changing RemotePackageReference version


I edited an elements file by hand adding a RemotePackageReference and built. I then changed the version from master to a specific branch. At some point during a build should the source be updated ?

/Users/JohnMoshakis/Library/Application Support/RemObjects Software/EBuild/Packages/EBuild/

still contains master

This looks great, will I be able to debug into remote packages ?



I believe right now EBuild clones if the folder doesn;'t exist, but doesn’t do anything yet if it does (it will need to fetch/pull, and also check the branch, but it needs to do so smartly as to not waste time with every build. I’ll check). Workaround: if you delete the folder, it should re-clone and pick the right branch, next time.



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Will that be appearing on Firehose at some point today ?

It’s merged, so the next build should have it, if the current doesn’t already.

it doesn’t, but 20190904-143547-elements-develop will.

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Will there also be support for cocoa shared projects ? In a couple of ios apps I have, I use those a lot.

Remote Package References will work for any kind of project, yes. This is not tied to Island.