Class helper indexed property problem


I have a class helper :
T_TPixelLockHelper = class helper for TPixelLock
with a property like :

property GridRel[ _r : Integer ; _c : Integer ] : Single read  fget_GridRel
                                                         write fset_GridRel ;

and access methods. The compiler reports error :
No overloaded method "fget_GridRel" with 0 parameters on type "TPixelLock"

Here is a test case : (32.4 KB)

When using the class helper as a standalone class, there is no problem with access methods.
This code works in Delphi.
Is this a compiler bug or I cannot use such code in Oxygene (.NET, Java)?

After I removed read/write methods, I got a compiler error:
Can not declare fields or properties on extension classes
that may explain the problem.

Thanks, logged as bugs://85192

Not exactly. That’s just an error that inside an extension (which is what a class helper comes down to), you can’t add fields to an already existing class.

The actual “not finding” the method was a compiler bug. Fixed now. Thanks!

bugs://85192 got closed with status fixed.