_cmd: UnsafePointer<Void> = Value was optimized out

Debugger seems to break on this in one of source files. What does this mean?

I’ll need a bit more than that…

Define break? That value might or might not be available (if nothing uses it it will be optimized out), but it’s rare you actually need to read it from the debugger?

Sorry, I mean that the debugger breaks at some line and then show this text for the _cmd in Watches screen without me having set my own breakpoints.

I am only wondering if this “Value was optimized out” is something to worry about.

it’s not. every Cocoa method call has _cmd parameter, so its normal to see that. The question is, why does ti break, if you have no BPs set. What is in shown in the Debug Console?

Yeah, not sure what happened it stop happening so all good. When it happens again I will let you know.

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