Code Completion Not working In Shared Project Code Files

My solution has a macOS console app (C#) and a shared project (C#). Both use Elements RTL. I have referenced the shared project from the macOS project.

If I type Console.Wr in the macOS project then I get code completion for WriteLine. If I start typing Console.Wr in the shared project then no code completion is offered. In fact, when I click on either Console or WriteLine in the macOS project then I get symbol information in grey on the right hand side (as expected). Clicking on the symbols in the shared project does nothing.

macOS project:

Shared project:

Is this a bug?

Hmm. You should get a dropdown to pick which project’s scope you want to work in, on first invocation, and then get regular CC & Co. You can use Cmd-Option-P to force that picker, and you can also right0-click the file’s node in the solution tree and choose a project with “Work in”.

Do you get no response at all when you invoke CC in the shared file (say by pressing Esc explicitly)?, not even a message saying “nothing to complete” or "some other error? Does Cmd-Option-P show the picker? What does the “Work in” menu show?

Note that “Console”, specifically, would not exist across platforms as we don’t (iirc?) have that in Elements RTL — it’s .NET specific. there’s the writeLn() system function for platform-independently sending output to the console.

Ah yes - I get it now. I say two options (“macOS” and “Windows”) which were obviously the two projects in my solution. Once I clicked “macOS” it now code completes as normal. Thanks.

I think Console.WriteLine is in Elements as it seems to be working for me:


Ah, it’s in Island RTL, yes. I just admit I don’t use Island much in my day-to-day yet (mostly .NET and the classic Toffee/Cocoa), and Elements RTL. :wink: