Code Editor Bug

(Van Den Bergh) #1

please have a look in the attached PDF.
Under certain circumstances Code Editor stops working properly.

VS 2015 Prof., Website Application.Oxygene Bug.pdf (286.2 KB)

Cheers Marcus

(Van Den Bergh) #2


proably you have overseen this post.

Can you have a look on the topic please.

Best wishes Marcus

(RemObjects) #4

Thanks, logged as bugs://82216

(marc hoffman) #5


my apologies for the delayed response. I believe this might be an issue that’s already known and on the list to be looked at, but I’ve logged a new issue just in case. I’ll make sure someone looks at this asap.

does this happen for you every time with the steps (change code, then close the one file), or in certain conditions?


(Van Den Bergh) #6

Hi Marc,
it happens always.
Sometimes with GPF error message, most times without.


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(viktoriad) #7

Hello Marcus,
we had that kind of issue some time ago, but it was fixed. What oxygene build do you use? Could you please try to use latest beta and check if you still have the same problem with it?
Thanks in advance.

(Van Den Bergh) #8

Hello Viktoria,

this is the Version I am using currently:

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2015
Version 14.0.25431.01 Update 3
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.7.03056

Installierte Version: Professional

RemObjects Elements
RemObjects Elements (Oxygene, C# and Silver) for .NET, Cocoa, Java and Island.
Copyright 2003-2018 RemObjects Software, LLC. All rights reserved.

RemObjects Elements leverages the LLVM compiler backend:
Copyright © 2003-2018 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. All rights reserved.

RemObjects Everwood
RemObjects Everwood
Copyright RemObjects Software, LLC 2002-2017. All Rights Reserved.

I will wait for todays beta and install this one.

Bets wishes Marcus

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(Van Den Bergh) #9

No change, GPF immediately after closing .aspx und pressing return in .pas:


(marc hoffman) #10

That is with 2391?

(Van Den Bergh) #11


(marc hoffman) #12

Thanx. it looks like this is a separate issue then, we’ll need tom investigate more, @viktoriad.

(RemObjects) #15

bugs://82216 got closed with status fixed.