Compiler does not override exitisting files

I was wondering why our customers received very old Versions of our Software which has been recently compiled with Jun Version and should be therefore newer.
It was a nasty surprise to find out, that many precompiled files were not exchanged after compilation with new ones.
When I delete old compilation it works (hopefully).
This is a very serous issue.

After deleting old precompiled stuff, it seems to work as exspected now. I really hope it was just an System “Hickup”

could you elaborate a bit more on what exactly happened? How did you (re)build your project? for norm al “Build”, Elements does an incremental build and only updates the parts of the build that have changed using dependency checking (for example, if source files, references and project file have not changed, the compile phase might be skipped, etc. a “Rebuild” will diccardc all previous caches and copies and always do a full build.

I never had this before. There are even more issues.
A page I have not touched for ages produces errors now.
There are references to recently changed Sources.
Debugger on that page says a GPF (Reference Object). Going through bit by bit (trough the new Code as well) with debugger no error raises. Code is OK. Surprisingly now the page throwing those errors works now.
On another page (with another computer) debugger stops where the condition is false. This code has never been executed, but debugger says it does.
I think I go back to last year Version of Oxygene. I do not trust Updates anymore

Same in published website. website from this morning throws errors like mad. Published now again, without making ANY changes (except that I went though it with debugger). Works.
Seems to be a lottery what the compiled results are.
Very disappointed

I would love tom help you out here, but this is all very vague. can you give me concrete steps you take and what concrete errors you get?

If I would have concrete steps, I would have told you.
It looks like that the Jun compiler “forgets” to check dependencies in subdirectories. E.g. referenced function is in XXX.pas in Dir App_Code. Function YYY.pas which uses the reference is in Folder “Templates”. YYY passes a dataset to XXX which has been changed before compiling. YYY has not been touched after changing dataset. YYY sends Dataset to XXX which is on status of last compilation, means it does not recognise the changes of dataset and function changes in XXX. Result: GPF.

Going back to Feb release solves the problem.

hmm, this is starting to make more sense. This is ASP.NET, correct? Is this a pre-compiled web project, or a “web site” that gets deployed as loose files and compiled on the fly?


Yes We deliver it precompiled.

Ok, thanx. what version of Visual Studio? 2017 or 2019? Any chance I can see your .elements project file via PM?

Unfortunately still 2015, because we cannot get Firebird DDEX to run properly with 2017.

Project file where to send?

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Ah, I see VS2015 support is going to be deprecated really soon. Firebird issue aside, can you see if the same general issue does persist in VS2017 or VS2019 (which was switched to using our new project system, earlier this summer), as well?

Without DDEX it does not compile at all.
On my 2017 I therefore deinstalled Oxygene because of these and other issues.
I have no time at all to reinstall it and searching for bugs.

Is 2015 NOW depreceated?