Complete Current Class add Full Qualified Types

The Complete Current Class ^C
adds full qualified names for Strings etc…
value : String becomes:
value: RemObjects.Elements.RTL.String
this drives me crazy … :wink:
message from Build:

Method definition "function Stringtest(value: String): String" does not exactly match implementation "method Test.Stringtest(value: RemObjects.Elements.RTL.String): RemObjects.Elements.RTL.String"


Thanks, logged as bugs://83236

Could you please send us a full project that shows the problem? I tried to reproduce it here with a simple ClassLibrary (.NET), and it seems completes fine. No unnecessary namespaces were added.
Thanks in advance.

here we go :wink: (30.8 KB)

Reproduced, thanks.

bugs://83236 got closed with status fixed.