Congratulation to Fire on Catalina

i have done a upgrade of my Mac to the latest Beta,
for different reasons, but I must say the actual Fire 2437 looks really great on it.
The best surprise for me: My Mac is now configured for automatic theme, and Fire follows it nice.!!!
The Mac goes dark and also Fire. This would help to stop working… :wink:


glad to hear its all working well. Fire is actually dark-mode compatible since the early Mojave beta days, so this should have bene working for a long while ;).

I’m glad that I was finally able too get Fire notarized, so it’ll install clean on Catalina. Thankfully Apple loosened the restrictions there, because until a week ago or so they required apps to run under the “Hardened Runtime”, and while Fire itself worked ok in that mode, it had restrictions that made it unusable for production work, for example the OS would t allow it to launch the debug server for debugging Cocoa apps ;).