Connecting DataAbstract to a Datasnap server


(mahmoud EL SAWAH) #21

Great, how do i add that to my exesting server, thus making it a Hybrid DA/datasnap server?

(EvgenyK) #22

that wizard was only for client-side.
for server-side, better to create a new server and move units to your datasnap server

(marc hoffman) #23


if I understand correctly, you want to share server-ide business logic with your DataSnap middle tier implementation and your DA middle tier, correct? I’m afraid that’s not possible (currently or, really, ever, because the two use completely orthogonal ways to encode this.

If I may suggest, the proper solution I would be looking at if I were n your case would be for the DA server to replace the DataSnap one, not to co-exist with it, and to have all clients (including the Delphi/PC one) connect to the DA server instead. That’d the sane save and long term solution for this.