Correct behaviour on returning lists?


(estebanp) #1

Hi guys,

Latest RO.

We have a Delphi server which holds a function called


Internally it returns a list (even if its empty), disregarding if there are elements or not of the providers associated to an order.

If there are no orders, it returns an empty list, Delphi clients see it as an empty list, but on the case of .Net clients it is returning as a nil array of TProvider.

This behavior is not the expected and it causes functions written to process the lists to crash unless we start adding checks for nils on all calls to get lists.

We could be doing something wrong but can we confirm thats desire behaviour (i hope not)?

Thank you.

(antonk) #3


Could you create a testcase (a very simple SDK server with single service and single method that always returns empty list of TProvider) and send it to support@ ?

That would greatly help to pinpoint the issue.

Thanks in advance