Couldnt find dgbshim


Im trying to attach to a .net core console and I get

~> Attached to func.

~> The process failed to start with the following error: System.Exception: Could not find the .NET Core dbgshim library at /usr/local/share/dotnet/shared/Microsoft.NETCore.App/5.0.0-preview.7.20364.11
~> at RemObjects.Oxygene.CoreDebugEngine.CLR.DotNetCorUtilities.GetInfo (System.String aPath) [0x0003b] in :0
~> at RemObjects.Oxygene.CoreDebugEngine.CLR.DotNetCorUtilities.AttachProcess (System.String aDotNetPath, System.UInt32 pPid, System.Action`2[T1,T2] aCallback) [0x00014] in :0
~> at RemObjects.Oxygene.CoreDebugEngine.CLR.CLRDebugEngine.Start () [0x001ed] in :0
~> at a.a (System.String[] a) [0x005f2] in :0

It does look like its missing.


Actually I have this one

Where it couldnt be loaded. Last time the lib was in the path of the error message but this times its not