Creating Projects in 2475

I tried to create a .net core project and when I hit create project in the dialog I got this


Yeah, looks like something is fucked deeply in the 2475 compiler. Pulled it and investigating now. My apologies to everyone.

The command line appears to be ok, Im using that with the previous stable.

We’ll the thing is, I didn’t touch Fire’s code base at all this week. So whatever is causing these crashes, this one and probably also the CC (but I need to see that on myself in the debugger to comment, and thats 15 minutes off) is most likely a result of bad code emitted by the compiler… which might or might not also affect the code you compile, so be warned.

Will we be getting another build before Friday ? I wanted to test this one Arrays in toffee debugger

I can probably do a new full build today; we have resolved the issues in there Cocoa compiler that caused the Fire crashes (two unrelated actually, one a regression, and one related to new infos in the latest Cocoa .fx imports exposing a bug).

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