D8 Dexter


(DonaldShimoda) #1

Are D8 Dexter optimizations enabled on actual Fire release?

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(marc hoffman) #2

Assuming this does not automagically just work by running the existing DEX command line, then no, this would be something we probably need to explicitly support and call the right/new version of DEX. I’ll log an issue to investigate.

(RemObjects) #3

Thanks, logged as bugs://81253

(DonaldShimoda) #4

Thanks Marc!

(marc hoffman) #5


The upcoming build for today (.2353) has experimental D8 support. The option is not exposed in the UI yet, but you can set <UseD8>True</UseD8> in the project to enable it (currently only for the final android-pack, not for pre-dex yet, that one runs the old DX).

Feedback appreciated!