DA schema builder (9.7) crashes a lot

don’t know what the origin is but i almost can’t add a table to a schema without crashing …
tried it with an empty schema and simple sql statement with a parameter and it crashes trying to get the fields or validate etc…
this in D10.3.2 + SDAC 9


is this happens after replacing SDAC driver with manually created?

no didn’t replace it yet, so it’s the stock one…

restarting delphi solves the problem…

and to be clear, just restarting the schema builder without Delphi does not solve it

try to manually rebuild SDAC driver and replace similar file near to schema modeller

we still have this problem in 10.xx.1489 build
i guess it has something to do with the fact that the ‘target table’ is not defined for a statement…
i had crashes yesterday repetedly and after setting the target table it went away…
so maybe you could verify this…


what error is shown? AV?

same as the above screenshot
av in unmanaged.dll

same 3 screenshots apply…

can you confirm that DASDACDrv.dad & RemObjects.DataAbstract.Unmanaged.dll have the same version (or modified date)?


I’ll create debug dll next week so we have a chance to solve this issue.

ok thx


check PM

yep thx