Data abstract insert records from client

The project consist of a client connected to a Data Abstract server. The client queries a SQL server and the result (with some modification) is sent over to a Data Abstract server which saves the records in a database. The tables on the DA side have an index with a ClientID and EntryNo. EntryNo is an integer counting from 1. I want to send records from client to the server with a simple logic: If the record is found on the server side, the record is updated with the new values. If the record is not found, the record is inserted on the DA-server. There is no need send any data from server to the client. What is the easiest way to do this? Or is it better to use SDK to do this?


You should create a custom method.
this method can insert/update data itself or it can call stored procedure of DB that will do the same.

if stored procedure is used, Remoting SDK server is better suitable for this purpose.