Data Abstract Saving MSSQL 12 Text Fields adding garbage

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Data Abstract Schema Modeler RemObjects Data Abstract Framework
Version Build date 2018-03-21

After updating to the latest build, Memo fields with an underlying text type field in mssql save with added spaces and other corruption. In the snip below you can see how text looks when entered on the lower item, and how it looks after saving and retrieval on the top item. This issue occurs on every project that I recompile since the installing the latest update.


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pls specify your platform (Delphi or .NET)

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can you create a simple testcase or show how do you update such field, pls?
you can attach it here or send directly to support@

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I just sent a sent simple test case. Their is a button to open the table, a button to apply updates, a button to close the table, a dbNavigator and a dbMemo control all stock delphi.

To corrupt the text field, I open the table, edit the memo, Apply the updates, close the table, and reopen the table.

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Thanks, logged as bugs://80193

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bugs://80193 got closed with status fixed.

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fix will be in next weekly beta

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Any chance can get the changed units now?

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answered via PM

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Thank you Evgeny. That fixed the issue nicely.