DataAbstract and FastReport 6

(Claudio Piffer) #1


I have installed the last official release of the DataAbstract ( and FastReport (6.2.11) in Delphi 10.3 Rio.

I installed also the FastReport DA Adapter without problems.

But if I try to drag&drop the daDatabase component in FRX Designer without problems the same operation is not possibile with a daTable component.

Have you a suggestion to solve this?

Best Regards and Merry Christmas

(Claudio Piffer) #2


I found the problem. Is in the procedure SetTableName of the class TfrxDATable in the frxDAComponents.pas unit.

This procedure raise an exception if the LogicalName is not setted. I changed this behaviour and now work fine

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(antonk) #4


Do you mean the LogicalName property of the TDADataTable component?

(Claudio Piffer) #5

Hi Antonk


I should also manage the filters via the parameter {where} or custom parameters but I can not find the way

Best regards and happy Holydays