DataAbstract does not create Relations automatically?

I am just evaluating DataAbstract. I created an new schema via the modeler.
I am connection to my mySQL Database and drag/drop all my tables from the connection manager to the modeler tables section.
The tables get created correct. But no relation is defined within the relations “folder”
Is there a way to get them automatically? - My database does heave 100+ relations. So defining all of them again by hand would not make any fun :wink:
How can I get the relations from the database?

I use: mySQL 8.0.17 x64 (not the default port) Windows 10 x64 and the build in database connector.

THX for tips


This is the button you need:


THX for your answer, but when I click on it, nothing happens…
I attach a screenshot - there are 3 tables, which all start with prefix “auftrag”
All three of them have a relation to the first table, called “auftrag”
But nothing is getting recognized.

Additional question: Why do I have to click on each table on the connection manager pane and can’t use the STRG+A (mark all)? It is a bit of work, when there are 100+ tables…

THX a lot in advance

This means that something goes wrong when the relations data is fetched from the database.

Could you please send to support@ DDL for for these 4 tables and the connection string you use (replace server name, user Id and password with placeholder characters)?

Thanks in advance

Sure, I have send everything to the support mail address.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84930

I have a trial license only, right now
Could you please give me some detailed informations about this bug by mail?
I would like to understand, where the issue comes from

THX a lot in advance

bugs://84930 got closed with status fixed.


Seems there was an issue with fetching relations definitions from MySQL base.
Exit Schema Modeler if it is currently running.
Next to the Schema Modeler’s .exe file you can find a file named DataAbstract.daConfig. Please replace that file with this one: (unzip it first)
This should resolve the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience

THX for the quick fix - Really cool such a good support team!
Only two of three relations get recognized right now.
The relation between auftrag -> auftragdetails does not show up either…

That’s odd. They have similar definitions and all relations were fetched on the test database.

Hey antonk!
I am really sorry! - I have not had defined this relation in my test environment.
The DDL was from production server…
So, everything works fine right now!!!